Any moment is the right moment to begin working on an idea in the direction of your dream, your burning desire. 

Getting ready or waiting for the right time is a con game that humans play, due to fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of stepping out, or fear of starting and not getting it right. 

When you are working on your burning desire, your dream, you can never get it wrong. 

Each action that you take, brings you closer, gives you feedback, reveals new insights, presents, or uncovers a new challenge that you had not experienced before. 

You are on your way and there are milestone markers, pits and peaks along the path. 

Make your move now. Don’t wait to get all the information. The information comes in stages. Work on the idea that you can now. Take the first step and then the second step will be revealed. 

The idea in your heart came to you from Spirit, your higher Self. The supports that you need to manifest that idea, is present in the place from which the idea came…your higher Self. 

Notice the feeling of expansion that accompanies the idea. Life calling you to freer, fuller, more expanded version of yourself. Make your move on the idea, in the direction of your dream. Do what you can, today, from where you are with what you have. 

ASK this question; What is one step that I can take today in the direction of my burning desire, my dream? 

LISTEN for the answer. It could arrive in a conversation, or some information that seem ‘out of the blue.’ Out of the blue is in the realm of spirit, and so is your dream. 

EXPECT the answer to arrive. This expectation will cause you to recognize, see, hear, feel, the answer when it arrives. 

ALLOW the answer to emerge with ease. You may notice that there is a tendency to become fixated on a specific answer. This could prevent you from accepting the answer that is available to you now, and could take you closer to your dream. 

RELEASE the question to the abundant universe. The place where powerful questions and answers coexist. Know that in this abundant universe there is an answer to every question. Any moment is the right moment to make your move.