There is silence between your heart beats.
Silence between each in-breath, and out-breath.
Silence between words.
Silence between footsteps.
Silence between sentences, statements, questions.

As you listen to the silence you are drawn inward, to listen more deeply.
In the silence you can hear Love… Speaking Loudly.


I am here, guiding you.
I am here supporting you.
I have great plans for you.
All is well.
You are worthy of the life that you desire.
Everything that you need has been provided.
Do not be afraid.

Go within and recognize the love that exists in the silence.

You can be with the silence even in the midst of external noises.
In the silence you can experience safety.
In the silence you can hear Love’s welcome, care, generosity and compassion.

You can hear Love’s encouragement for you to move forward in faith and trust, creating the life that you desire.

In the silence you will hear that there’s no need to fear because the way has been made, and the doors are open for you.

In the silence you can hear…The Still Small Voice.

It’s not the chatter in your head, (thinking).
The voice of thinking sometimes causes anxiety, stress, and fear.
That voice is sometimes judgemental and accusatory.

The Still Small Voice is…
The voice of truth that you can hear hear with your heart.

The voice of truth is calm, and loving.
It is generous and grateful.
It feels expansive, not constricting.
It acknowledges effort and beauty in all things, and everyone.
The voice of truth is confident, and comforting.
It says go ahead, and take the step that you can, towards your dream.

Today, take time to listen.
Listen to your heart, not the chatter in your head.

Do this simple exercise to help you get quiet, and listen:
Pause for a moment and notice your breathing.
Focus on your breath as you inhale.
Focus on your breath as you exhale.
Breathe in slowly and allow your abdomen to rise as you inhale.
Breathe out slowly, allowing your abdomen to fall as you exhale.
Repeat this action for a minimum of three times, or as many times as you can.
Notice that with each slow, deep, inhale and long, complete exhale you become more calm.
Continue breathing in this manner for a few minutes.

Feel the Love’s presence in your heart, and listen to Love’s message, as you breathe.

Give thanks for your breath, and the message that you receive.

You are worthy of Love. You are worthy of Your Dream