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“We are all capable of far more than we realize. I believe you can live a life that you love living.”

Sylvia Morrison

Life Mastery Consultant, The Baobab Tree Consulting

As a Certified Dream Builder Coach & Life Mastery Consultant, Sylvia Morrison can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.

For over three decades Sylvia Morrison has studied and implemented transformation principles in her work as college professor, international human rights educator, strategic planning consultant, and facilitator of change processes in corporate and non-profit organizations.

Sylvia has done human rights education, and solidarity work with peacemaker communities internationally. She has taught and served extensively in the area of gender based violence; as counselor/advocate for survivors of trauma, and sexual assaults.

Sylvia Morrison is a humanitarian, the founder and director of Links Across Borders, a registered non-profit organization that co-creates libraries in rural villages in Ghana West Africa to provide children access to books.

She has appeared on Rogers TV and CBC Radio, and has received numerous awards in recognition of her work.

Working with individuals and communities globally, Sylvia knows the indomitable power of the human spirit to rise above challenges and circumstances to a higher calling.  Sylvia Morrison is a sought after speaker, and coach who will inspire you to connect with your dream, and support you in achieving higher levels of success, through her transformational coaching programs.

“My life’s work is to teach and facilitate transformational processes that equip individuals with tools to connect with their soul purpose, and live the life of their dreams.”

Sylvia Morrison

Life Mastery Consultant, The Baobab Tree Consulting

Sylvia Morrison is an engaging speaker and dream builder coach who will help you and your team reignite your passion, and equip you with tools for success, through seminars, workshops, individual sessions, and annual transformational retreats.

Let Sylvia Morrison connect you with the life you would love living.

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